Vermont Move Video Schedule

I have plans to do two livestreams in addition to mini videos.

The first livestream is scheduled for early morning (Central Daylight Time).  My intention is to start the livestream when I enter the 4G service area.  When I enter the airport, I will switch off the livestream in order to take care of business and go through security.  When I go through security, I will turn on the livestream again.

After the livestream is over, I will starting taking short mini videos for upload to YouTube.

I do have a lay over.  I predict the strength of the 4G service will be insufficient to do another livestream, so I’ll continue to upload mini videos to YouTube.

Once I’m at my new home, I’ll start another livestream.  Depending on what happens when I get there, I’ll probably wait until after I get my stuff put away before starting the last livestream.  It will start sometime in the late afternoon after 4pm.

If you are unable to catch the livestreams, don’t worry.  All videos will be recorded and available for viewing on my CenTexVideo channel.

Here’s the Ustream link:

Rendering the bank video again for the third time.  Multitasking, especially when one is forgetful, sucks.

Rendering the bank video again for the third time.  Multitasking, especially when one is forgetful, sucks.

More Vintage Electronics

Just 2 hours ago, I received another load of electronics to show. It will not be in a contest. More about that when I get a mouse to replace the broken one.

Just in:

Craig/Pioneer 8-track player Yamaha turntable 33 1/3 RPM records.

Almost finished with episode 3 of my Vermont Vacation.

Almost finished with episode 3 of my Vermont Vacation.

News: “CenTexVideo on Vacation” Series Resumes Editing

CenTexVideo on Vacation has started editing again.  This allows me to continue to post the rest of my video series of my vacation to Vermont in the last week of July 2011.  A schedule has not been set for the next several postings as my personal schedule is full.

Contest #3

Date: Jan 25, 2012

Time: After I edit the video

Prize: Bell & Howell Filmosound 179 Extension Speaker (with cable)

I’ve made an exception to the rules I posted.  New subscriber had to wait 240 hour, but I am pulling that requirement.  If you are subscribed, you are eligible.

I wanted to wait until March to give this away, but the leaky roof seems to get worse with every passing month.

Contest #2

Date: January 1st, 2011 (sorry, late posting)

This contest involves two prizes.  All you have to do is leave a comment to participate.  Questions should be directed to the YouTube private messaging system.

Contest rules are below

Next contest hasn’t been scheduled.  It has been EXTREMELY busy for the several current occupations I hold.  I’ll post the next one sometime this month, probably toward the end of the month.

If for some reason the prizes I’ve given away so far are not gone, not to worry.  The next prize will be offered and I’ll include these in other prizes to be given away as they are not really huge.

First Contest

Date: December 25th

Time: Unknown (after 2pm)

Details when contests starts.

Contest does have a time limit of 15 days.  After 15 days, I’ll announce the winner via video posting on YouTube.  This video is not about how quick you are, but you must submit your answer before the time limit has elapsed.  More information can be found in the description of the video.

Reminder: Read the contest rules before participating in the contest.

Basic Contest Rules

My intention is to get this stuff out of here, so I have a few basic rules.  We are going to have fun and give prizes out.  Please adhere to these rules for all contests.

  1. Subscribed as of December 22, 2011.  New subscribers must wait 480 hours to be eligible.  This contest was intended as appreciation for my subscribers.  To be fair-er, I decided to allow subscribers to participate, but after waiting.
  2. Winner pays shipping.  I wish I could, but I am extremely poor.  You have no idea. :-)
  3. Prizes must be won before a new prize is offered.  See above.

While I don’t foresee an issue, I expect your conduct during these contests to be civil.  Problems will be dealt with.

My job requires honesty and integrity.  It carries into my personal life as well.  These contests will be held in the fairest manner possible.

Your questions can be sent to me via a private message on the YouTube messaging center.

Thanks for subscribing and good luck to you all.  Let’s have some fun!

YouTube is snowing!

YouTube is snowing!

Coming Up On CenTexVideo: Contests for Prizes

There will be several contests coming up. The first one will be on Christmas. The second one will on New Years Day. Only those currently subscribed to CenTexVideo are eligible to win prizes for the Christmas and New Years contests.

New subscribers: In order to be eligible for other contests, you must have been subscribed to CenTexVideo for a period of at least 480 hours at the time of the contest.

Contest winner must pay shipping.

Thank you. Good luck!

More Videos Soon

It has been a week of fun videos, but with no computer to edit with, they are coming slowly. Everyone has heard about the slow internet here, so no need to hash that out again. I have one already, but I’ve not been near a computer long enough to do anything with it. One more has been uploaded, but I can’t edit it right now. Another sits on the card waiting to be uploaded. I hope Friday, another video can be ready.

While trying to set the camera, I hit the record button to start the video.  Instead, it took a picture.  <SIGH>

While trying to set the camera, I hit the record button to start the video.  Instead, it took a picture.  <SIGH>

Sharing to all this video from a great YouTuber and person who needs some help this holiday season.